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Oct 19

topaxi said: I just saw your totally cute kagehina zine, is there any way could still get hold of one without going to a con?

i’ll just answer this one publicly sry lol

I’m going to 2 cons w them and if there’s any left over i will sell but i’m not sure! I……. plan to write more anyway…………… *sweats*

I drew some levyaku buttons, who else would you like to see~~?

yeah!!!! I got the proof for my book. so if everything goes well…. I’ll have them mailed out early november…. (??) please forgive me for being slow bc I will be dying packing and mailing them out myself ^___^”. ALSO!!! for anyone going to PMX I kinda decided to go last second he he… I will have some leftovers of the comic for sale there


i haven’t drawn a lot that’s really appropriate to post lol

animeaves said: Did you use a specific website to make your acrylic charms, or did you print them yourself? They look fantastic, so I was just curious! ;u;

zap creatives!!

Anonymous said: where did you go to get your zine printed? I saw the proof on twitter and it looks so nice!!!


Oct 6

preorders are over and I chose a winner for the giveaway!!! yahoo congrats!!!

here’s some random pics of me playing with my charms

Oct 4

just a reminder!! kagehina book preorders end on the 6th!

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